Jetfighter: Full Burn

Snap141Jetfighter: Full Burn is a continuation of the successful, action-oriented Jetfighter series. Although it includes Freeflight and Single Mission options, it is meant to be played in the campaign mode. Set in 2006, a secessionist Russian government has attacked Norway to obtain oil and other natural resources. The player can fly either the Russian side in a MiG-42 or as the U.S. in a F/A-18 or F-22N. As the FMV-fueled campaign story progresses, the missions become more difficult.

The game’s flyable aircraft are strictly limited to the F/A-18, F-22N, and MiG-42. Weapons loadouts are also limited to specific types, such as “Air-to-Air Clean”—you cannot mix and match weapons on hard points. This is occasionally irritating—when you don’t want to take the two or four MK-82s, you can’t swap them out for more Mavericks. Finding the enemy and navigating are all relatively uncomplicated affairs. When the distance is long, and no threats exist, the time-compression feature greatly speeds play.

Although geared more towards the arcade, the mechanics of fight and combat are still solid, and reflect actual practice on ship. There are minor variations, such as in grading carrier landings, but overall, the “feel” is good. Combat is stressful, demanding, and difficult. The plane’s radar provides an accurate picture of the threats, so situational awareness is good. Getting a radar or heat-seeking lock on the enemy is usually not too difficult, but obtaining a hit through the blizzard of effective countermeasures is. Dogfighting or conducting ground strikes without using the built-in cheat functions can be very difficult.

Snap98There are several graphics levels to choose from in Jetfighter: Full Burn, and the sim looks its best on the highest setting. The adjustable settings for joystick controls and other variables are simple and fairly easy to manipulate, but the stick feels too responsive on its highest setting. The sound chatter provided by your wingman and other friendly aircraft provides valuable information and clues to necessary actions. For example, do not fly in front of your wingman’s plane when he calls “Fox Two” or his Sidewinder will take you down.

The campaign offers the main attraction of Jetfighter: Full Burn, though there’s also a multiplayer to prolong it’s shelf life. Like the rest of the series, this entry is a nice combination of realism and the arcade, of fast action and some tense aerial maneuvering.

System Requirements: 80486DX4 CPU, 8 MB RAM, DOS

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