London Racer

5_1London Racer is an arcade game which lets you compete against other stock cars in circuits spread around various European cities. The idea of racing around urban centers in everyday city cars isn’t new. But the meager traffic you do encounter here is nowhere near as bustling or lively as that seen in Midtown Madness games. Instead of being fun and witty, London Racer tries to be more serious, but ends up being dry. There’s no open-ended bustling town with fun obstacles or stunts to perform. Just the bare-boned closed circuits in cities like London, Paris or Berlin that look nice, but are annoyingly barren.

The handling is on par with some of the early Need for Speed games. Trackside props can be smashed with no damage to your car and only minor dents to your speed. There’s no damage modelling at all, seemingly. But the 3D modelling on these overpowered sedans is quite detailed, to be fair. The driver’s cars all look pretty close to the real things, and most of the other traffic – London buses, black cabs, white Mercedes vans, police Astras, etc – are modeled quite well. AI drivers are competent but always seem to follow pre-set routes. Nothing new here, but you can circumvent this by playing in the split-screened multiplayer against other people.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 MHz, 32 MB RAM, WinXP

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