Air Power: Battle in the Skies

Air Power is set in an alternate reality where a country has fallen into civil war and a power struggle has broken out between several different warlords who want to claim power. When first firing the game up, the player can choose between starting a full campaign or playing a single scenario. Single scenarios allow the player to try their hand at single tasks like destroying a ground installation or fighting other planes. Helping with this task are the first officer, war chief and diplomat, who perform certain tasks that the player assigns to them. The first officer is in charge of keeping the player up to date on the current status of the fleet, while the war chief advises on whether or not a town should be taken by force.

7If war is the route to take, the player takes command of one of the far-out fighters for first-person action. Depending on the mission and the plane, the player will be fighting with bullets, rockets and bombs in a variety of missions, like having to fight off a bunch of enemy fighters, making bombing runs on a city, and attacking an enemy’s air force. Entire squads from both sides often go at it in the air. And when a fight breaks out, there’s a good chance the air will be swarming with planes.

Since the fighting in the vast Air Power universe takes place primarily over land, the use of water-based aircraft carriers was impossible. Instead, giant dirigibles comprise the carrier and support force for your airborne army. Each dirigible flagship has its own types of light and heavy fighters which are specific only to that flagship. So you’re never mixing it up against the same type of fighter you’re flying. And in a stark contrast to aircraft carriers, landing is facilitated by a hook situated on the top of the plane, which hooks on to a bar on the blimps.

Air Power is one of those games where an old style has been redone with a new look. The game premise is familiar – win the world with a superior air force and strategy – but the look and feel are quite different.

System Requirements: 80486/33 MHz, 4 MB RAM, Win98

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