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Like Malice, Shrak is a total conversion for Quake from the same developer, with 12 new singleplayer levels, 9 weapons, 9 bizarre monsters types, plus new sound, music and artwork. The action is typical Quake-tier blasting through dark levels full of blood-thirsty monsters. To its credit, the level design in Shrak is quite original. Some have a great deal of underwater exploration, others have many open spaces, bridges, and cages. There are additionally 6 deathmatch-only levels, and 3 levels specifically made for capture the flag, and one secret level.

The monsters are all very weird, mostly of the mutant variety. Zed, Ohmi, Viscor (has 2 heads), and RucasRiot are human-variants. Strike is a floating eyeball that shoots lightning, Firecrawler is a huge slugs that shoots fireballs and Lightsear & Gorok are huge scorpions and spiders, respectively. Shrak is the final lump of meat you have to eliminate, and he’s adequately sized to offer a challenge.

The weapons used to eliminate these creatures are just as bizarre, though very reminiscent of the guns used in Quake. The laser pistol, double-barreled shotgun, liquid-cooled UZI, and rocket launcher are all standard weapons. The rest are unique. One weapon turns monsters to fight against each other. Another odd weapon called the Inflater Darts inflates an enemy up like a balloon until they pop into a shower of gibs.

10There are 3 new items to help you get through the levels: a flare, a claw, and explosives. The utilities are found in increments of 5 in utility vests scattered throughout the levels. Each vest holds 5 of each utility. Out of these, the claw is the most important, letting you reach new areas that you couldn’t reach on foot, and a vital asset to exploring some levels. Overall, Shrak does attempt to add some originality to Quake and manages to implement some twisted new gimmicks into the action. It’s a retro fragfest with a nice dose of weird.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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