Kawasaki Fantasy Motocross

This Kawasaki-licensed motocross racing game gives players the possibility to ride one of three Kawasaki two-stroke dirt bikes (KX125, KX250, or KX500) over 7 tracks in diverse scenarios. These range from a farm in the countryside, over Egyptian ruins, to an active volcanic area. The major downside is that most of the tracks are locked by default (unless of course you can set up multiplayer matches).

5_1Players can choose a rider and a bike, as well as tweak the bike’s setup (tires, sprockets, pipes and springs) to suit various terrains. Then, they can choose one of the two available game modes: Racing or Freestyle. In racing mode, the player competes with up to 7 computer-controlled riders to complete a certain number of laps on the selected course. In freestyle mode, the player is riding alone in a special stunt arena of the selected scenario, and tries to collect as many stunt points as possible in the time given.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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