Yoot Tower

Essentially Sim Tower 2.0

3Because Yoot Tower lacks a tutorial of any kind, the first few moments of play involve collecting one’s bearings and becoming familiar with the different menu options. Once past the awkward introduction stage, navigating through build menus and status screens becomes second nature. Several overlays help gamers see the trouble spots in their dream tower that may have a negative impact on population growth and hapiness (your main focus points). At a glance, players check hotel room cleanliness, sales revenues of individual businesses, and traffic flow congestion.

When experimenting with different approaches and strategies, Yoot Tower does a fantastic job of showing you tangible repercussions, in a timely fashion, of your tinkering and experimentation. This aids greatly in understanding how best to position and schedule the transportation aspects of your tower. It also minimizes the amount of times you’ll face the gut wrenching decision to tear down and rebuild a series of mistakes upon mistakes, rather than invest further resources into developing a workaround.

Starting with a first floor lobby, complete freedom is granted to add new floors, businesses, hotels, condos, and necessary amenities to a player’s liking. While construction on your tower continues, people will visit (or attempt to visit) any shops or services you provide. Balancing the profitability of your tower with the ever present task of satisfying grouchy customers can at times tax the heartiest of nerves. One of the most entertaining facets of Yoot Tower comes from watching patrons scampering about the hallways and rooms. Grainy graphics don’t douse the thrill of observing hordes of silhouettes navigating their way through your lobby en route to your most popular restaurant.

Veterans of the original SimTower who harbor little desire to play what amounts to SimTower Enhanced Edition are better off playing other building sims. For the average player who missed out on SimTower, however, it might provide enough substance to have around on their computers.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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