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  • Rock Manager

    Friday, May 24, 2019

    Rock Manager 3

    Rock Manager is yet another one of those value-priced business sims. As the title suggests, you become a “rock manager” and must tackle nine challenging scenarios to complete the game. The goal of most of them is to manage, produce, and promote an up-and-coming rock band. As you can imagine, this is no easy task. […]

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  • Cyber Judas

    Thursday, May 23, 2019

    Cyber Judas 3

    Cyber Judas is the sequel to Shadow President, a strategy game of political and diplomatic power. In Shadow President you lead the country through the mysterious Shadow Network, an only vaguely described virtual network. The people don’t elect you – instead, you were put into power (and kept there) at the whim of a mysterious […]

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  • Star Control 3

    Tuesday, May 21, 2019

    Star Control 3 2.5

    Where Star Control 1 contained mostly strategic elements, as well as action-oriented melee between ships, Star Control 2 mixed the strategy with a good story, while retaining the ship-to-ship combat. Star Control 3, on the other hand, simply recreates an already good formula with a few superficial tweaks and nudges. This game is, you see, […]

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  • Faces of War

    Monday, May 20, 2019

    Faces of War 4

    Faces of War is a blend of RTS action set in World War II with the fast-paced thrill found in games such as D-Day or Heroes. No coincidence, since this was a game developed by Best Way, the team behind the underrated Soldiers: Heroes of World War II. It retains a similarity in the way […]

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  • American Civil War: Gettysburg

    Thursday, May 16, 2019

    American Civil War: Gettysburg 3.5

    TalonSoft is no stranger when it comes to American civil war titles. They crafted a series of games under the Battlegrounds title, but their approach was overwhelmingly geared towards tabletop gameplay (with stats and details galore) that had none of the touches found in more mainstream 3D strategy titles. American Civil War: Gettysburg, which takes […]

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  • Lords of the Realm II: Siege Pack

    Sunday, May 12, 2019

    Lords of the Realm II: Siege Pack 3

    Sierra’s Lords of the Realm II hit store shelves, was accepted by gamers as a solid but not outstanding title, then quietly faded, as do the vast majority of games. The main gripe that one can levy against LOTS II: Siege Pack is that it was never really called for considering the mediocre success of […]

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  • Medieval II: Total War

    Thursday, May 9, 2019

    Medieval II: Total War 4

    A larger, more detailed campaign powers Medieval II. I was a complete fan of Rome: Total War, having played it before Shogun and the original Medieval. Returning to its roots (sort of) while simultaneously keeping the stronger points of Rome and sprucing up the world with diplomatic niceties, Medieval II marks a healthy leap for […]

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  • Earth 2160

    Sunday, May 5, 2019

    Earth 2160 3.5

    The little-known Earth series started its journey as an obscure, C&C strategy game among a sea of similar looking games – aka Earth 2140. Eventually it morphed into a more original sequel, Earth 2150, which presented a novel meta-campaign where three factions strived to fund their own space-faring project to escape a doomed Earth. Fast […]

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  • Battle Mages

    Monday, April 29, 2019

    Battle Mages 3

    Battle Mages from Russian-based publisher Buka is the usual stew of strategy and role-playing that seemed so common after Warcraft III. There’s also a hint of Sacrifice and Rage of Mages thrown into the game. The main gist of it is a generic romp through a fantasy setting replete with monsters to kill, towns to […]

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  • Korea: Forgotten Conflict

    Sunday, April 28, 2019

    Korea: Forgotten Conflict 2

    The Korean Four left four million dead and a poverty-stricken, highly ideological totalitarian state which could conceivably be described as the last bastion of stalinism left on Earth. But the first confrontation in the Cold War also holds plenty of potential for gaming, both because it’s been ignored and because developers have capitalized all they […]

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