Links 386 CD

Golf. It’s fancy and usually destined to be enjoyed by rich people. Not so with Links 386. It’s not the most fancy computer golf game out there, nor will it cost you anything beyond a potato rig to play it. But the game was the first of its kind to ship on CD-ROM, so it warrants a few paragraphs.

Snap140_1You have many locations to choose from. Harbor Town Golf Links is there, with its signature small greens that demand accuracy over power. Or, you can move up north to play a round at Banff Springs, set in the Canadian Rockies. The other eighteen courses range from Access Software’s home course in Bountiful, Utah, to the famous Pebble Beach. Three skill levels and the same number of tee positions (on most courses) open the game up to players of various experience levels.

System Requirements: 386 CPU, 4 MB RAM, 8 MB HDD, DOS

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