Grid Runner

6Grid Runner is essentially a game of space tag played on large grids floating in space that are sprinkled with flags, and Axxel (your alter-ego) has to collect as many of them as required to win the round, while competing against a hostile critter. The twist to this is that there’s also a game of tag between you and your alien opponent, and the only way to collect flags is not to be “it.” If you’ve been tagged by the alien, he’ll start collecting flags until you manage to tag him back. If you get the full quota of flags, you move on to the next round; if the alien grabs all the flags he needs to win, you fail, and the alien eats you for dinner.

Of course, this would be boring were it not for a host of magic spells in your arsenal. Amidst your frantic grid running, you can build bridges to move you from grid to grid, shoot spells at your pursuers, or slow them down by placing land mines. More magic points can be accumulated by picking up flashing icons that are littered about the grid, or by scoring well in the bonus rounds that occur every three rounds.

Some grids will be working against you as well – one is set on an ice world, and the track will have you sliding around like you’re tap-dancing on Crisco. And be sure to be on the lookout for flags that are circled by floating explosives – they can knock you down for several seconds, giving your opponent the upper hand.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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