Platforms: PC, Mac, PlayStation
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Genres: RPG / Action Role-Playing
Release Date: December 31, 1996
Game Modes: Singleplayer / Multiplayer

The undisputed King of the Underworld

diablo_loadDiablo is an unmistakable giant within the genre it helped create, effectively coining the term ‘action role-playing’. That’s just what it is – an engaging action game with some general, if still very intriguing, role-playing elements. It’s ease of use is so great that anyone can just pick it up and start hacking without so much as glancing through the manual. It helped spread the dark-fantasy RPG to a much wider audience thanks to its fast gameplay and intuitive controls, leading countless companies to develop their own batch of Diablo clones.

The story places you in the befallen town of Tristram, where an unspeakable evil was unleashed deep below the town’s cathedral. The locals are worked up as to why their only place of worship is now teeming with blood-thirsty demons straight out of Hell, and so naturally it’s your job to descend into the thick of it and find out what’s brewing. The plot unfolds in steps as you explore the dungeons, caves and catacombs below Tristram, eventually leading you to the very bowels of Hell itself.


Creating an entire sub-genre is no small feat.

The RPG component is here, but it’s heavily washed down. The game can be experienced as either a Warrior, Rogue or Sorcerer. Although the level of freedom you get with character development isn’t huge, the process is still an enjoyable and challenging one. Several base attributes dictate how strong, agile, magically potent and healthy you are, with each character benefiting more from certain traits than others (Warriors can swing axes quite naturally, whereas feeble Sorcerers can barely swing a staff). You’re free to built up your character, and receive five points upon each Level Up to spend on any of your stats.

Part of what made all Diablo games addictive is its itemization model. Equipable items are spread far and wide but are essentially broken down into weapons, armor and jewelry. Each one of these three categories branch off into multiple subcategories before arriving at a base item, be it a sword or suit of armor. Diablo introduced a clever way of generating random stuff by adding affixes (simple modifiers) to its pool of magically imbued equipment. The result is a large base of items that can have random magical properties in a seemingly endless string of combinations.

Spelling it out Mildly


Traders frequently re-stock on goods, with more advanced items available at higher levels.

Diablo’s spellcasting system may feel misplaced at first but the system is fully functional once you come to grips with it. Spells may be learned by reading spellbooks that are scattered throughout the dungeons and which are subject to the same stat requirements as items or weapons, except spells require Magic. This approach means that low-magic characters, like the Warrior and Rogue, will be hard-pressed at casting even low level spells. Reading books will add one spell level or upgrade a previously learned spell. Learning which spells are the best is essential to creating an extremely powerful Mage, one that can top both the Warrior and Rogue with ease.

All of the action takes place below Tristram while the town itself acts as a safe haven for players to restock and chat up with the locals. Gossiping with the scared inhabitants and listening to their plight is extremely involving if you follow Diablo’s storyline carefully. Both their voice acting and vivid retelling of past events give them life. In fact, this game sounds spectacular! The monsters grunt nicely, weapons clash loudly and the music is spot-on.

The action is reasonably paced and the entire game is randomized for maximum replay value in both single-player and IPX / Battlenet multiplayer sessions. Each map is randomly generated and looks completely believable, involving a trip of 15 levelsl all the way down to Hell itself. The monsters swarming in these billowing halls of blood deserve special mention for being hard to kill. The only thing that bogs down the gameplay is the walking speed, which is excruciatingly slow. It removes any chance of a clear retreat when things heat up. God forbid you should find yourself deep below the dungeon without a Town Portal scroll. You’d have to retrace your steps all the way back up to the surface, which may take several uneventful minutes. Stocking up in town is also made painfully slow by your character’s walking.


With its perpetual night and weary locals, Tristram is a fascinating place to come back to.

There are few things wrong with Diablo. it’s spell system is inefficient but that’s excusable considering its age. The walking speed is horrendous, I’ll admit it. But it’s enjoyable in almost every other regard. It’s historical contribution to popularizing the ARPG subgenre and lining up the successful franchise that Diablo became today is without par. Surprisingly, the game is still played on Gameranger every so often. Multiplayer matches reset each of Diablo’s 15 dungeons to enable any character of any level to fight where they’re most comfortable with alongside other internet players, which is a nice feature. Up to four people can play on a game.

Despite the rather fair amount of necessary repetition and a few assorted faulty designs, Diablo is a must for anyone interested in simple fun. Most action gamers and RPG-ers alike will be enthralled by the atmosphere, story and gameplay.

System Requirements: Pentium 60 Mhz, 8 MB RAM, Windows 95

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  1. Neni says:

    Hey, is there any restrictions? I really want full game, it says its SPAWNED version.
    tnx for the game 🙂

  2. You’ve installed the demo (spawned version). Install the full game.

  3. Kenan says:

    is this site free

  4. Asaroth says:

    Is the full game provided in the iso file or is it only a spawned version? Where can I access the full game + Hellfire?

  5. Bishop says:

    There is a bug the game crashes after I select my character
    Both spawned and full version

  6. Not a bug I ever encountered, but try the magnet link. Maybe that works

  7. Phil says:

    Link is down any chance of a re up. thank you. I love old games!

  8. Blazkowicz says:

    Cant run the game.
    It keeps telling me that I need to insert the disk, but it is already mounted with POWERISO.

    What do I need to do.

  9. Only tested this to work on XP.

    Try this https://oldpcgaming.net/diablo-hellfire-review/
    it has an installer that includes D1+hellfire. Might work.

  10. MassD says:

    Maaann, i must play this game again 🙂 nostalgia

  11. Rimantas says:

    This game have very good sounds quality for 1996 year game and graphics perfectly fits it’s theme and atmosphere. It works PERFECTLY on Windows XP, which was surprise for me, because most of 1996y games are stuck in DOS age. I highly recommend Diablo 1 for everyone.

  12. pc games says:

    i lov this game i want to download this game i can’t download any site but here i can download eaisly thank admin

  13. Michelle says:

    So, I downloaded the game, but I can’t see the screen. I saw the Blizzard logo, the cutscene and everything, but later on I can only hear the sounds. The same thing happened when I downloaded it from another website. Can you help?

  14. It will work on an old computer with XP.
    or this virtual machine


    Also try the installer version – https://oldpcgaming.net/diablo-hellfire-review/

  15. alex says:

    hello i want to play with diablo 1 but i upload your version and it’s a shareware version , i want find an full version of diablo 1 where i can upload the full version of diablo 1, i don”t want this fucking sharewere version.

  16. you think a 600 MB virtual cd image is the shareware version???

    did you notice the autorun where you can install the 1) full version or 2) the shareware (spawned) version

  17. Rimantas says:

    alex, you are “fucking” dumb and not respectful. use google to learn what means uploading. and ask your mom to teach you manners.

  18. Tesla says:

    Diablo works fine in win7. Apply patch v1.09 and it’s ok.
    I played a lot Diablo 2 LOD back in the day but never tried Diablo 1 and it’s a very good surprise. This game is dark and hard sometimes. The ending is epic. And music is just perfect. Great work from Matt Uelmen. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Karim says:

    Hello guys,

    I have an old save of my Diablo I game from 1998, a maxed-out warrior with some cool rings and axes and would love to play it again. The CD got lost ages ago, but I have downloaded the game via the “Download Full” link above. When I launch the game I only see the blue Wizzard logo, then the screen is dark but I hear the music of the initial menu where you pick a character or a saved game etc.

    Having read a number of fora I tried to fiddle with the diablo.exe file i..e. properties – compatibility tab – run in compatibility mode – ticking reduced color mode (tried 8 & 16bit) and ticked run as administrator. No change.

    Additionally sometimes the game asks for a CD, sometimes not. I have Windows 10 on my machine. Back in the days when I lost the CD I used to play with Daemon tools but this seems to ask fro $$$ right now. Any way around these problems?

    Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. 🙂
    Many thanks,


  20. You can use an old version of Daemon Tools.

    Try to use the installer version – https://oldpcgaming.net/diablo-hellfire-review/

  21. Karim says:

    Thank you for your quick reply.

    I have downloaded the installer version of Hellfire, unzipped the rar file with 7zip and installed it.Hellfire does not open unfortunately and I can not find the old version of Deamon tools on its own via the link you sent.

    When I try run my old installation of Diablo I, it is still asking for a CD. When I try run the Diablo I I have installed from the download on your site it actually runs once each time. Then I have to restart my PC. As for the saves however I have noticed I only have one save in single_0.sv format and all the rest in multi_0.sv format. Back then I did not play a multiplayer mode but maybe I had to select multiplayer because of Daemon tools, I am not sure. Either way the game does not see all my multi_0 , 1, 2 etc saves. Any tips how to resolve these issues?

    Many thanks again,

  22. Karim says:

    In the meantime I have downloaded the Virtual Machine pack from your website and will give it a try. 🙂

  23. Karim says:

    Ok I actually need to have the CD so that VM software can mirror it. Back to square 1.

  24. Everything is included in the rar, you don’t need anything extra for the virtual machine. read instructions

  25. Karim says:

    Cheers, will check again.

    Any idea on the different saves format? Ultimately what I am trying to do is revive my old character and with the saves in multi_0.sv format the single game does not seem to pick these up. Even tho back in the days I remember very well that I used to play alone and pick my difficulty mode.

  26. Karim says:

    Helle once again,

    I have re-read the instructions on https://oldpcgaming.net/how-to-run-any-game-on-win-7-8-10/ but there is no XP_Pro_Per file in the VM Player. Hence my old game wont run without a CD and the game installed from your web does not pick up my saves. 🙁

    I will try buy the CD. Thank you for your help anyways.


  27. Yes there is, xp_pro_per..vmx is in the WinXP subfolder. you open that with the vm player, set up a shared folder, then copy the ISO into the VM and install the game. If you get the original CD, you get the Diablo ISO you already downloaded

  28. Karim says:

    I searched the VMware Player folder for the WinXP subfolder and the xp_pro_per file but no luck with either. 🙁
    Looks like the CD is my last chance, hope it will then work and pickup the old saves. :-0

    But thanks again, much appreciated. 🙂

  29. Rimantas says:

    OPCG, which Diablo game is your personal favorite?
    For me Diablo 1 is coolest and with strongest atmosphere. I don’t like Hellfire because of removed step sounds.
    Diablo 2 LOD is most fun to play and does not have any of D1’s problems. But it’s too easy and bright in comparison with D1.
    I didn’t play Diablo 3 and will never play it, because it’s just a clone of Torchlight.

  30. Ali says:

    Working GooD Thanks.

  31. alex says:

    can i play diablo in windows 10?

  32. I don’t think so, but you can run it on the virtual machine https://oldpcgaming.net/virtual-machine/

  33. Basit says:

    Working For Me Thanks Admin.

  34. Slayer395 says:

    Working fine. Thank you admin. keep it up

  35. Ovagames says:

    I Love This Game. Can I Play On Window 10?

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