How To Run Old Games on Windows 7/8/10

You moaned and complained about it. “This game doesn’t work on Windows 10!”, “Why can’t I run game X on my ultra modern computer?” Well, fear not, because here’s the fix for you – a self-contained XP SP3 Virtual Machine that can run most games between and including 1996 and 2005. It’s easy to set up – simply install VMware Workstation, open the Virtual Machine, and begin installing all of your old retro games that crashed and burned on Windows 10. Instructions are included.

This XP has been pimped out with all of the essentials you freeloaders need – drivers, Direct3D and Glide support, PowerISO, WinRar, a few test games, video codecs… hell, you can even connect to the internet if you have the right router setup (why would you do that tho?).


A few mentions – I haven’t tested that many games with it, but it did run several 2D and 3D (both software and hardware accelerated) games quite flawlessly. The one issue I never managed to fix the lack of screen resizing when opening games – they simply won’t fill up the entire screen as they normally would on a real monitor. You can ameliorate this by playing at a higher resolution or just lowering your host computer’s resolution. Have fun and let me know how well it works.

Download Links for xp_vm_opcg.rar (5.5 GB):

Primary Link:
Download all parts, extract with 7zip.
Download Link
Torrent Link
Magnet Link

Usage Instructions

1. Install the provided VMware Player and restart your PC.
2. After restart, open VMware (use desktop shortcut).
3. Go to Player/File/Open.
4. Open the folder where you extracted the Virtual Machine, then open XP_Pro_Per.
5. Click “I copied it” if you get a prompt about any VM modification.
6. If you get an offer to download VMWare Tools, just ignore – you already got it.


  1. Mksn says:

    Nice, it’s working perfectly, Thank you πŸ™‚

  2. I forgot to mention, do NOT download the newest version of VMWare Workstation. It will still run the Virtual Machine, but you can’t disable mouse integration. What this means is that, when playing 3D shooters, the camera view becomes completely unusable (it will jump around everywhere). On the older versions this problem is not present.

    Also when playing games, the mouse cursor will lock into the virtual machine, so when you push the mouse at the edge, it won’t escape the VM window. You can switch out of the virtual machine (without closing the game) by pressing Ctrl+Alt.

  3. Rimantas says:

    Interesting thing, but i think it would have hard times with Half-Life 2, Doom 3 for example. Emulators never give 100% experience. Same with Dosbox, i changed many settings, but Blood will not run perfectly – often lags more or less. If someone will try 2000-2005 games on this vmachine, please share experiences here.

  4. DNT says:

    I don’t believe you need win xp or any emulator of, to play games like HL2 or Doom3, i know they run good on any Windows later than xp/vista, no compatibility mode needed.

  5. Rimantas says:

    DNT, i mentioned these two for example. I think there are more games from these years which would crash on new Wins and maybe would lag on vmachine. I don’t use virtual machine and i think will never use, because i have Win XP PC and laptop. That’s why i asked everyone to share experiences. I’m curious what this thing can do.

  6. I installed Doom 3 demo and the game works to my surprise, runs at 25-30 fps on medium graphics.

  7. buvazp says:

    Hello guys i have a quick question. What can I do with games that cannot even start the setup. I always get the ” This app can’t run on your PC” message … I have a windows 10. Tried EVERYTHING to get the old Hercules game running but it just won’t budge πŸ™

  8. Nilo Botay says:

    I may have the solution to fill the entire screen. Just run the borderless gaming program. This is very useful for video games that you can only play in window mode. This is the link below.

  9. thanks for this information,it will be use full to me

  10. chromax says:

    I once tried with VMs, but itΒ΄s s such a hassle.

    With compatiblity mode and Dosbox I get nearly every game. Early 3D games from Win95 were a problem, but with nGlide ( even the old 3dfx games work again.

  11. Ce Tecpatl says:

    Well, the best virtual machine for me (or maybe, time machine;) is WinXP itself. I don’t play games newer than 2010 (’cause I don’t like ’em at all), so I just got rid of Win7 and installed the good old XP on my secret gamer PC.

    In case of (rare) troubles I use DxWnd.

  12. JH says:

    This note is to echo “Ce Tecpatl”…a kindred spirit! We think exactly alike. I also use native WinXP on several older machines, not only for games but also as my “main” machines. It is the newer machines that I treat as the “experimental” or “development” ones, and use them to surf the web and try anything potentially risky to system stability. Nothing will really ever replace WinXP, it seems.

    (And I also agree about playing only older games. Although my own favorites tend to be older than 2010…)

  13. Ce Tecpatl says:

    An answer to JH:

    Hail to you too, a kindred spirit!

    Well, I have Win7-32 on my ‘main’ PC, but it’s occupied all day long with my wife and her Internet shopping, and with my two kids and their cartoons-watching πŸ™‚

    So I made an “old fart’s cozy corner” for myself, with PC rigged with 10 y.o. hardware on board, and with WinXP, and with NO Internet at all (I have enough of this plague on my workplace, and I never played or play or would play online or multiplayer, except a couple of correspondence chess games from time to time).

    And I just say that I don’t play games NEWER than 2010 (as for now, the newest one installed is Supreme Commander (2007)). Of course, I like OLDER games more, something between 90s and 00s, I’d say.

  14. Concerned USer says:

    Use an url anonymiser you idiot

  15. simux says:

    After 2 weeks downloading. Finally I got it. Could go back my old golden leisure times. Thank you OPCG!

  16. I apologize for the pop-ups. I am testing something new.

  17. I’m back. Don’t panic. Just a server screw up.

  18. Charles says:

    Oh thanks!

  19. jackd says:

    Have you considered using google drive or openload for your links?

  20. Backford says:

    When I open it in the VM Workstation player it says: Failed to open Virtual Machine: VMX file is corrupt. Please help how I can fix this.

  21. abed says:


    I downloaded AOE 2 in my windows 10 and it is working, but I cant make it as full screen.

    Please advise me what to do.


  22. jmfindorff says:

    For anyone using VMWare Workstation 12 and up, in order to disable mouse integration, go to edit, then preferences, select input and click the drop-down menu for optimize mouse for games and select always.

  23. jmfindorff says:

    And this is for VMWare Workstation only, not VMWare Player

  24. Athlonite says:

    Seems Quake II runs perfectly fine under Windows 10 x64 pro so really don’t know why you’d need this VM to run it

  25. Most old games don’t run under win10, so it’s a plan B if that happens.

  26. jess says:

    I’ve downloaded the rar file, either from the mirror and torrent. But when I try to extract them, it’s always file CRC error. I already tried on two different machine but the result is same. Do the file corrupted?

  27. jess says:

    Hi, I managed to extract the VM. I run it on virtualbox on Ubuntu and it was successful. I tried the pre-installed AOE and it was smooth..

    Anyway, I try to play Stunt GP from this site on the VM, and it was always failed to load (it started but in a second it’s gone)..

    Anyone also have this experience? Thanks

  28. david says:

    how to connect internet

  29. Player / Manage / Virtual Machine Settings / Network Adapter / Bridged Connection

  30. Psynderis says:

    Why does it tell me I need a disc?

  31. Maheer says:

    I just came here to report that some of the links of the oldest games are not working. Hope that you fix this. I still love this website. Thanks!

  32. Maheer says:

    The links are working, but I always get the error “The connection is reset”. They work, but not with my PC. Sadly.

  33. mister mike bolivia says:

    hello.. i want to download that file but the size is 5.5 gigas .. my limit per day is 5 gigas.. please can you upload to another server make an rar in parts or maybe reduce the size???

  34. Yeah, i’ll split it into 3 parts next week. check back later.

  35. The VM is back, download all parts into one folder, then extract with 7zip

  36. Gerhalt says:

    Some dude several posts earlier reported about having difficulties running Stunt GP. C’mon are you serious? Problems with a game using RenderWare via DX7 API? Lolwut??? As far as I know it works on almost everything. At least, I dont know any person who couldnt launch it. That’s the power of RenderWare technology!

  37. thanks for providing us this information

  38. Amarring says:

    I’ve also downloaded all the parts but I keep getting a CRC error, even with 7-Zip. How do I go about this?

  39. Amarring says:

    And what ext is it supposed to be in? .7z? .rar? I downloaded as .001/.002/.003 and so on

  40. 7zip, right click on all parts and select extract all

  41. Amarring says:

    Can not open file as archive, every single time. What to do?

  42. The Guy says:

    Where do I request games?

  43. The Guy says:

    Please answer… I won’t be requesting modern games.

  44. The Guy says:

    Oh God! Are you dead? Please tell me where to request games. Why aren’t you answering?

  45. Anywhere you want boss.

  46. sisi says:

    how i can short the games by rated?

    it is very useful to find best games

  47. Brock O' Lee says:

    I have downloaded the VM Workstation 14 from this site, and downloaded ‘Beachhead 2002’. I did as you have instructed. I run the setup, install the game, run the game. the game pops up, with the ‘start game’ buttons, etc.
    All’s well, until I click “START GAME”. The game starts, but I can hear the guns shooting and stuff, I can see the health, ammo left, etc. but it’s all on a black screen.
    tl;dr game runs, visual is only black screen.

  48. Titas21 says:

    Guys… Windows XP isn t perfect… Windows 2000 is way better… it doesn t use as much resources as XP, and it plays late 90s games (Mostly) but if you want to play 90s games… just get 98, and you will be able to DOS games. The only disadvantage it has againts XP is 2006-2009 games, but who the hell cares about them, they play well on newer PCs anyway…

  49. FormerGamer says:

    For what it’s worth : I’ve tried most emulators (DOSbox, VM and the like) and I’ve tried (sometimes successfully) running older games on newer systems. For practical reasons, best setup is a multiboot PC with DOS (SB-like card required, though), Win98SE and WinXP. A game should really be run in the environment (both hardware and software) it was designed for (and most problems disappear with such a setup). More or less clever tricks are very ubergeeky, but prone to mysterious quirks at best. πŸ˜‰
    My 2 cents.

  50. DooM says:

    don’t know where to post this so excuse me: Is there no RSS feed anymore? Seems like i don’t receive any updates anymore to my Outlook.

  51. Charles says:

    Is this site still alive?

  52. MyX. says:

    It’s hard to say…

    I still hope it is alive!

  53. Thank you! says:

    Just wanted to say Thank you that you do this! You are awesome!!

  54. DooM says:

    @Charles I am asking that myself. Since a long time he didn’t post any review. Maybe he is just busy. This site is exceptional and the reviews are fantastic and very professionally written. I always suspected the owner is a games journalist or so. Perhaps he found a job in a Game magazine as a writer and has no time for anymore :-D.

  55. Yusuf says:

    I can’t find any request sections for old games!
    Requesting Gene Troopers.

    Kind regard

  56. Diego says:

    Thanks for all the hard work, man! You’re a hero to us. Incredible that there are people who open their mouths to talk shit about it or say this is “not needed”. Just ban these fuckers permanently from posting comments, I guess.
    I understand completely what you say about some obscure games not running well on modern systems, I just want to add for everyone out there that these days I’ve been having more luck running such older games using a tool called DxWnd. It’s a wrapper for older versions of DirectX and DirectDraw, among other functions (CPU use limiting, framerate limiting, resolution changing etc etc) With this tool, for example, I can play Caesar 3 in window mode but making the window scale up to my desktop resolution, which makes the text look big as originally intended, the same goes for Simcity 3000, I get big buttons and big text, just like the original experience. It’s a small tool that allows me to get rid of virtual machines at all, and runs with better performance since it’s not emulating anything. Also, as a bonus, it runs perfectly fine on Linux with Wine (windows emulator)

  57. Diego says:

    It would be cool if this website had something like a “Random” button that you press to go into a completely random game, when you want to be surprised or when you are looking for new games to play.

  58. Mr.Blackwell says:

    Will this work with original game disk?

  59. non fuziona la macchina virtuale , nemmeno si installa

  60. chur says:

    windows 10 has a built in compatability feature. just right click on the exe file and go to properties select compatability and you can chose what version of windows you want to start the game in and also change the resolution

  61. Anthony says:

    How do I get the VMWare Workstation since it’s not in the folder? The folder only had VMWare Player in it.

  62. evilclip says:

    some very old games needs the right ammount off pc memory or videocard , there is tool called dgVoodoo, that tool may resolve some old game issues

  63. MyX. says:

    Please fix the damaged archive !!

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