Worms 2

Before Worms was fine-tuned to perfection in Armageddon, there was Worms 2. Like the original Worms, this is a turn-based strategy game that has an arcade feel to it, but it’s so wickedly intuitive, funny, and challenging, you’ll have a hard time taking it off your hard drive. It’s nothing fancy; just some worms, some weapons, and a sense of humor mingled with a classic contest of kill-or-be-killed.

snap2129As you begin each game your team of worms (up to eight on a team) are randomly dispersed on a 2D landscape along with the opposing teams, and during your turn, you simply try to destroy the other teams’ worms using a multitude of inventive and silly weapons.  These range from bazookas and grenades to exploding sheep. Last worm standing wins — that’s all there is to it. Alongside simple and multiplayer matches, this Windows-friendly game now lets you customize the map and weapon load-outs before starting a match.

Though the concept is amazingly simple, Worms 2 is consistently challenging. Each worm begins with 100 hit points, and the goal is to wear each enemy worm down to zero, killing them before they can do the same to you. During each turn, you select a worm, equip him with the weapon you want him to use, then aim and fire — but don’t take too long; the clock is ticking. Luckily, the controls are kept simple; just use the cursor keys to move your worm around the map and target your opponent, then hit the spacebar to blast away. The weapons range from a simple shotgun to full-blown air strikes and hilarious killers like the super banana bomb, holy hand grenade, and homing sheep.

snap2125But it isn’t just point-and shoot-mayhem. You’ll have to carefully select which weapons you want to use and when. Since this is turn-based, you can only use one weapon per worm for every turn. Many of the advanced weapons are strictly rationed (you may only get one of each), and if used improperly can do as much damage to your own worms as to others. Anyone familiar with the original Worms will be glad to know the charm that made it so enjoyable remains. That, coupled with the game’s simple yet ingenious gameplay, ensure hours of fun.

System Requirements: Pentium 75 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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