Caesar II

snap16Plebs, gamers, friends! Caesar 2 is here!

Caesar 2 was the best thing Impressions has ever done up to that point. There are impressive palatial private dwellings, beautiful marble-tiled forums, magnificent stone coliseums and lots more. And to highlight special events throughout the game, Caesar 2 uses very nice 3-D rendered animations. And that’s before you seriously tackle the game, when you realize it’s a very interesting Roman ant farm simulation.

You take the role of an early Roman governor, and you manage at both the city and provincial levels. At the city level you build roads, public facilities, and make sure there’s enough entertainment, education and city workers around. In province mode, you build mines, farms, shipyards and trading posts, and connect them all with roads. You can also build a provincial wall and troop outposts for defense.

Caesar 2 takes the concept of land value from SimCity games and infuses it with new purpose. Each structure you can build has a number of criteria that enhance land value (such as proximity to a water supply), as well as a few that limit land value. Your job is to build in such a way that you supply the city’s needs without limiting the value of the real estate. Since everything you build costs money, you’ve got to be very careful about where you put things.

When an enemy force is infringing on your territory you can send your army out to meet them. If you decide to directly command your troops, a screen showing both armies pop up and you can position your soldiers on your side of the battlefield. You can then issue orders and start the clock ticking. This infusion of combat and excellent city building is what separates Caesar 2 from its counterparts.

System Requirements: Pentium 66 MHz, 8 MB RAM, Win95

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