13Yet another in Sega’s marathon of console portovers, Bug! is a side scrolling, hop ‘n bop platform game with a pseudo 3D aspect to it. It was one of the first Sega Saturn titles and is actually fairly entertaining in small doses, though decidedly aimed at the youngsters; all of the characters are goofy looking 3D rendered insect-things, the game’s main character sounds like a ten year and the gags are just crude enough to keep a ten year old’s interest for long enough to get through the game’s decently sized, sometimes extremely challenging 18 levels (but not crude enough to warrant concern).

Unfortunately, Bug! suffers quite a lot of graphic degradation in low-resolution modes, and the game tends to run rather slow in high resolution modes, though graphics are serviceable regardless. But hey, it runs great in a window. Some of the levels are actually quite entertaining and there are a lot of annoying spaced-out jumps to make, weird laugh-out-loud (well, chuckle anyway) bosses and animations, even some good one-liners (especially the Bug-Juice opera cry).

In the end the 16-bit Sonic the Hedgehog games were more interesting, creative and on the whole, more fun then the 32-bit Bug! when compared on their native console systems, and this is a fact that isn’t likely to change on the PC. Still, Bug! is a fun platform game with some neat show-off gimmicks that’s great for the kiddies.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, DOS

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