Streets of Simcity

The llama bows its head shame.

Mapping 2D cities from SimCity 2000 into 3D space has been done once before in the Maxis game SimCopter, but never had there been a car combat gimmick wrapped around the idea. But despite what is implied, Streets of SimCity is not Interstate ’76 set in the land of the Sims. It’s a buggy, broken and ultimately uninteresting driving game.

6_1The source material is very much I76. During the actual gameplay, you’re assaulted by music straight from The Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider. However, the characters are uninspired and have none of the charm of the polygonal heroes of I76. Hardcore SimCity 2000 fans may actually find some entertainment value in this product. Just as SimCopter allowed you to explore your favorite city from on high, Streets of SimCity allows you to get into your city from street level. The graphics are slightly better than in SimCopter, but just by a margin.

Unfortunately, most of the gameplay is a mess. While cars get damaged realistically, they lose all realism when confronted by inclines. Realism often takes a vacation as cars pass through solid objects (like trees), and SimPeople “bounce” off the hood of an oncoming car. Parked cars and cows blow up when hit but buildings shrug off missile impacts without a scratch. Cars often pass through walls and get stuck in a perpetual damage cycle. The computer AI is so awkward that computer carsget stuck in tunnels, blindly smashing themselves into the side wall over and over like psychotic robots.

There are also bugs that should have never gotten past. Sometimes the game will refuse to load or simply crash the system. It’s an odd mess that offers limited value, especially when games like I76 and Carmageddon offer the same action at much better value.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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