Rocket Jockey

In Rocket Jockey, you join like-minded thrill-seekers in an arena and compete in a series of events that challenge your skill as a rocket jockey. Using a third-person, over-the-shoulder view, you’ll pilot your rocket through dozens of unique arenas, using such unsportsmanlike tactics as clotheslining, tripping, and ramming your opponents in three different events: War, Rocket Ball, and Race.

Each sport has its own unique theme (in Rocket Ball, for example, the idea is to snag oversized soccer balls with your cables and sling them into a goal), but the real attractions in every event are the vicious backstabbing techniques you use to derail your opponents. Using your cables to snatch opponents off their bikes, then dragging them kicking and screaming across the arena or bouncing them off walls is sick, funny, terrific fun.

5_1Controlling the action is easy, with support for virtually any joystick or gamepad that works under Windows 95. Take some time to get used to using your bike’s cables, and pretty soon you’ll be weaving through pylons and yanking the bad guys down like a seasoned veteran. The game’s menu system contains a few annoyances. Fail to complete a given event, and you’re not given the option to try again right away. Instead, you’re taken to the main menu, where you’ll have to click through a few lengthy transition screens before getting back into the action.

In the game itself, there’s only one thing to complain about: the time limit. When you enter each arena, you’ve got to finish within a fixed amount of time — typically five minutes. While it does add a significant challenge to the game, the ability to torment your rivals for hours on end would be a welcome option.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, DOS

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