Starcraft: Retribution


If it’s a tough campaign you’re looking for…

Retribution lacks most of the features typically found in an expansion pack. There are no cut scene or new heroes. The plot is a weak thread tying missions together that largely play the same. No new music or tilesets are included, and the program is poorly integrated into StarCraft – one must start a single player game, chose to play a custom map, select the correct file, and make sure “use map settings” is checked. Huh?! Its only saving grace is the voice acting, which sounds surprisingly authentic and fits right into the StarCraft motif. But with such a weak plot and no memorable characters, the acting too feels wasted.

Thirty single player and one hundred and twenty multiplayer maps are included in the expansion. The solo campaign is really tough – and I mean brutal. Those who found Starcraft too easy might like this. It’s only a shame that so many missions play pretty much the same – build base, repel attacks, conquer enemy base(s), rinse and repeat – of course there are one or two creative exceptions, but too few to justify going through the entire gamut of generic levels. Aside from the excellent but sparse voice acting and brutal solo campaign, there’s not much worth seeing here.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 Mhz, 16 MB RAM, Windows 95/98

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