The Creed

Insomnia Entertainment’s The Creed is odd blend of over the top sci-fi and Gauntlet. Casting players as bounty hunter Guy Wolfe or terrorist Gene Matrix, the underlying story involves a crashed prison ship and the predictable fugitive chase. Spicing up the story are three factions: good and evil cultists in The Brotherhood and The Order, and the ambivalent Earth Federation Government. A wide array of weapons and vehicles sets the stage for some good old-fashioned mayhem spread across 150 missions.

3So far so good, but The Creed only looks good until it opens its mouth. Here the game demonstrates base language skills that would earn school kids a month in detention. A censorship option has no discernible effect; not that it matters, as most of the offending terminology is gleefully reprinted in the game’s manual. The Creed could have been a fine game had the designers given any thought or respect to its potential audience. The nature of the dialog makes this title edgy, but overall cringy in its delivery.

Control could possibly be The Creed’s second fault. Gamers are given the option to use either a game pad or a mouse and keyboard combo. I opted to use the keyboard, because you would need a huge amount of buttons on your game pad to accurately control Guy or Gene. Control consists of walking around and talking to people or killing them. Aiming is horribly done, I could never hit a target on my first try and was forced to shoot in a sweeping motion. If you can overcome the obstacles of control, the game becomes rather enjoyable.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Win98

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