UFOs, a point and click adventure, is similar to Torin’s Passage or Sam & Max Hit the Road. The two-player convention adds some depth to what would otherwise be a bit of one-dimensional adventure. The game is short, linear and straightforward, with some cleverly designed puzzles, and a few unfortunate arcade sequences (which cannot be bypassed by the coordinately challenged).

12There are some design flaws (hotspots that appear only when they are necessary) and the sound track is often annoying (a muddy sound mix and characters who reiterate the same annoying phrase ad nauseum). But overall, there is some real genius contained herein—a certain amount of hilarity that cannot be denied. The artwork and characterizations are sublime; warped and whimsical, with the irreverence of a Ren and Stimpy or a South Park. Bathroom humor abounds, as do low-slung trousers displaying ample butt-cleavage. The game is recommended for ages 13 and up.

While UFOs certainly doesn’t contain the slickest production values in today’s market, you’ll forgive it its flaws as you watch the sausage and the platypus romp through barnyards, gay bars, supermarkets, circuses and toy stores. You’ll even forgive the arcade sequences when the final one tops out as a tongue wrestling competition. Anyone tickled by the rude and offensive should definitely open the sausage casing and jump right in.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 Mhz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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