StarCraft: Brood War

StarCraft: Brood War
Platforms: PC, Mac
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Genres: Strategy / Real-Time Strategy
Release Date: November 30, 1998
Game Modes: Singleplayer / Multiplayer

A solid expansion that continues where StarCraft left off.


BroodWar’s new snowy tileset.

It would appear that help is on the way for those who have blazed through all three campaigns in the original StarCraft and crave more. All previous races are back in Blizzard’s add-on, Brood War, covering a terrific plot, fresh missions and the requisite new units and buildings that you would expect from such an expansion. Brood War picks up smoothly from where StarCraft left off, and many characters and locations are carried over. The plot again is in the three-episode format and is even more immersive than the original. The missions are well designed and vary greatly from the “find the enemy base and destroy it” genre, as did the original.

One main issue addressed in Brood War is the balancing of units among the three races. Debates have gone on for a while now on how to balance one races air power versus another’s, and so on. For the most part it seems that the Terran and Protoss units got a little help, and the Zerg units have generally been “weakened” by making it a little tougher to amass large numbers of powerful units to throw at the enemy.

Six new units are included in the game, two for each side. Terran players get a medic and a missile-laden spacecraft. The Zerg have evolved a subterranean attack unit and a more powerful flyer. Dark Templars and spacecraft capable of neutralizing attacks are added to the Protoss. These are integrated well; the new graphics and sound effects are of the same fine quality as the old. All of these units are useful, and fascinating strategies on and Gameranger have arisen. The only real problem in the game seems to be the unavoidable ungrouping of units after they exit a transport or escape a stasis field on the unpatched version of Brood War.

Fleets this huge wreak havoc.

Fleets this huge are bound to wreak havoc.

The new terran air-to-air fighter, the Valkyrie, is effective against multiple targets and is an excellent companion to the Terran Battlecruiser, which packs firepower but never did too well against massed aerial attacks (i.e., Zerg Mutalisk). Instead of just affecting one target, the missiles explode and damage units in the surrounding area, again making it a good defense against swarm attacks by closely grouped units Fresh music adds to the atmosphere. New tilesets are introduced and present a nice variation to the old scenery. More than one hundred new multiplayer maps are provided, and of this is smoothly integrated into the base product.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Windows 95/98

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  1. you save me says:

    you really saved me men have a nice day

  2. ScEaSt559 says:

    Hey thanks for uploading the download version of brood war. Somehow i got it download but i cannot zip or extract files. is there any way you can show the steps to it? Thanks. This game is still my all time favorite.

  3. PcGamer says:

    Thanks for the download version. Can u walk through on how to download and zip or extract it? THANKS!!

  4. tayanika says:

    hi! sorry to bother you but I’ve been trying to open the .exe files (i was able to extract it from the .11b which i extracted from the zip file) but it only comes up with a pop up saying “Starcraft is unable to read a required file. Your Starcraft CD may not be in the CDROM drive.” So does this mean that I have to burn the .11b file on a cd first before I can open the .exe files after setting them up? i noticed that when i first double click on the .11b file it automatically routes me to my dvd burner. i hope this makes sense. thanks in advance!

  5. Added the original CD

    Download PowerISO to mount virtual CDs

  6. tayanika says:

    Oh ok cool. Thanks for your help! Will certainly try it.

  7. cape says:

    My life for Aiur !!!!!

  8. LLakowski says:

    Thanks for the download version bro! It works.

  9. T says:

    Thanks this was the only place where I can download this game. I really appreciate your help

  10. Malphite says:

    Help!! I wanna delete the ISO but the message keeps telling that it is still running in the system. I tried FileAssassin and Malwarebytes, but to no avail. It’s annoying that I can’t even open the game installer as well, even after the how to install.I need help ASAP

  11. FileAssassin? just unmount the ISO then delete.

    You can’t delete a file when it’s in use

  12. this game is very awsome….
    in indonesia this game still played by gamers 🙂

  13. doka says:

    Thx,thx,many thx,you save my day!

  14. AnonymousPH says:

    Do I need to install “StarCraft CD” before “Brood War CD”?
    Sorry just for clarification. thanks a lot.

  15. Well yeah, you can’t even install Brood War if you don’t have StarCraft installed

  16. rattlar says:

    i start to install, but a few seconds later the installation stops and appears a message “install aborted”. anyone thought something like this? anyone whats wrong?
    btw, thanks for the upload.

  17. misseur says:

    You saved me from desperate to playing games when I am actually on move to a new city, more than 5 year I didn’t play logically game like this, I mean, yesterday I played some game on android and it didn’t rationally and it have to wait more than 7 hour just for getting resources to build structures, what a mess game, even though their graphics are beautiful but it didn’t fun, the way to play the fun thing,we have to buy gems or golds and it cost more than original cool PC games, so what… I say thank you for this starcraft game, thanks, thanks blizzard, thanks to anyone who contribute to this game. what a lovely day

  18. oberst says:

    hey buddy

    thank you so much,

    i installed it mounted it everything when i go to play it it immediatly closes and says starcraft has stopped working…any idea?

  19. No idea. Very probably because it won’t work on modern Windows. It works on win98, 2000 or XP

  20. Warmach1ne32 says:

    I finished installing the game, mounted using UltraISO but I have a Direct Draw Error, I need to set my Desktop are to 640 x 480 (at a Windows 8 laptop which can’t reach that far) and set the Color Palette to 256 colors for Windows 95 & Windows NT.

    Also said I haven’t implemented “vidinimo_PC.cpp line 166” in the same page, please help

  21. Ekaaz says:

    is broodwar included too on the link?

  22. starcrafter says:

    can you reuploaded broodwar? the link no longer works. thanks!

  23. blanc says:

    i really like this game been looking for it for years..but just want to ask if this works with windows 10? thanks..

  24. wisnu says:

    pls fix starcraft cd link

  25. wisnu says:

    why when i eject the disc installer from iso, i cant play it

    i am need to eject the iso disc to play it, any suggestion to fix it?

  26. wisnu says:

    and i need to eject the iso file to play , and i can play battlenet , thx before

  27. Chris says:

    Brood War link appears to be down. When trying to download it gives “This page is no longer available”. Thanks anyway for this great site!

  28. I’ll just leave it as it is and re-post a working link here:

  29. Chris says:

    Great, thanks a lot!

  30. Danny Tran says:

    Your star craft CD link doesnt work. Only the Brood War link works. Thanks for uploading!!! You are awesome

  31. Harrine Andersone says:

    The starcraft iso file is corrupted

  32. It’s definitely not. Use PowerISO

  33. Anonymous User says:

    I heard StarCraft Remastered is released but, I’m using an intel atom graphics card your website is safe and has no viruses, a very promising site for all my gaming needs.

  34. Yes the legit files I try to keep virus free. Just be careful the crappy download service doesn’t redirect you. It happens rarely but it’s always possible. Make sure you read here

  35. joseph says:

    pls send mo direct link for download for start craft 1…..we hope u reply me asap…thank you very much

  36. Duke Mar says:

    Do i need to have a starcraft CD to play? or its download > extract run > plsy?

  37. aelycra says:

    hello .. im so so relieved when i saw this starcraft and can install it.. Just want some help.. what if im using eee PC that dont have dvd slot, is there any way to install this starcraft?? im looking forward for your answers. And thanks again.

  38. Read the link under Cant Run A Game?

    You dont need dvd drives. games here use cd images. the official download uses an installer

  39. damai says:

    it keeps pop up ‘starcraft is unable to read a required file’ error. help me please

  40. Eduardo says:

    Thank you, this is a great website. love it. Thank you soo much,.

  41. Pete says:

    All Its OK, Brood War works correct, but when i click “Starcraft Original” after choosing Single Player, I see “Please insert Starcraft CD-Rom” and Original campaigns stop work. WTF ?
    I have already SC in classic version 1.00 with no cd crack, but when I install Brood War, I can’t play Original missions.

  42. Leave the original CD mounted when playing the original campaign.

  43. Pete says:

    Wow ! Thanks man.
    Now I don’t use crack, I use PowerISO and mount Original CD to play SC Original or mount Brood War CD to play Brood War.

  44. JB says:

    Hi! do i need to download both parts? TIA 🙂

  45. ERIC says:

    bro.. the link is broken~

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