Psychic Detective

Psychic Detective is an FMV game which, like so many live-action titles of its kind, was plagued by bad acting and limited gameplay. You play Eric Fox, psychic, who is squandering his psychic abilities in cheesy second-rate hotel shows. Then paranormal researcher Vladimir Pozok suddenly commits suicide, and you’re hired to find out anything useful about the case.

5_1One novel thing in Psychic Detective is that you can seamlessly switch perspectives in conversations to any participant’s point of view, then hop into the head of a passing character and go for a ride while your own body goes on about its business. You don’t physically steer Fox, you make decisions — who to jump into; what objects to “read” with your psychic abilities; how to deal with confrontations — by selecting icons which appear and disappear in the borders around the crystal-clear quarter-screen video window.

Since the movie is in constant motion, these icons flash by, window-of-opportunity-style, and the story continues whether you use them or not. The first choices that appear are not necessarily the best for the task at hand, and each decision affects how much you learn, who lives or dies, and how well you are prepared for the final psychic battle. You can play through Psychic Detective in about an hour, and no matter what you do you’ll always arrive at the Black Diamond game toward the end. It’s the sort of replay value you’d expect, but this game is a good case of familiar expectations anyway. It’s tried and tested, painfully linear FMV, forgotten and forgettable.

System Requirements: Intel i486 DX, 4 MB RAM, Win 3.1

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