Last Bounty Hunter

Yet another forgotten 90s full-motion cringefest, Last Bounty Hunter presents a wild west themed shooting gallery with zero replay value. As in all of ALG’s titles, The Last Bounty Hunter hangs full-screen video mayhem on a loosely constructed skeleton of a plot that exists mainly to give you a reason for roaming the countryside, shooting bad guys before they shoot you. The acting during these scenes ranges from corny to just plain bad, with music that sounds like it was taken directly from an old Roy Rogers movie. In this game’s case, those aren’t necessarily negative points — it’s all tongue-in-cheek.

2While there’s not much that raises The Last Bounty Hunter above any other ALG title, this one does carry a few new features that keep things interesting. Unlike its predecessors, The Last Bounty Hunter gets tougher as you move through the game. You’ll notice that the bad guys get harder and harder to hit the closer you come to the game’s end point. This is a nice effect, giving you a stronger sense of accomplishment as you progress, although it could’ve been handled better. Some of the later scenes are nearly impossible, giving you only a glimpse of an sneaky outlaw before you catch some lead.

Incidentally, The Last Bounty Hunter is also the first game to come preconfigured for ALG’s PC Gamegun, a plastic gun that fires a beam of light at your computer screen like you’re in an arcade. There’s something to be said for being able to shoot your computer, and the Gamegun really did faithfully try to recreate the coin-op version. Unfortunately, the gun’s accuracy wasn’t all that reliable, it seems, making the game even tougher than it should have been.

System Requirements: 80486/33 MHz, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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