How to Mount CD Images in DosBox

Here we’ll learn how to use DosBox to mount MSDOS game CDs and actually install and play the game. We’ll assume you already have a game disc image (.ISO, .BIN, .NRG, etc.) on your hard drive, and you know how to mount those disc using programs like Power ISO, Deamon Tools, Alcohol 120%, etc.

1. Mount the virtual game disc using PowerIso. Let’s assume that PowerISO uses G: for its virtual discs.
2. Open DosBox
3. Mount your Dos games folder on the hard drove (eg: if your Dos games are in D:dos then type ‘mount d d:dos’ )
4. Type “mount c [yourCDdrive] -t cdrom” … In our case, it will simply be ‘mount c g: -t cdrom’
5. Now DosBox will recognize your optical drive as C:
6. Type C: to enter your virtual CD and install the game in drive D: (which is your default Dos games folder mounted in step 3)
That’s it! After installing the game, leave the CD, open the game folder from DosBox and play.

DosBox is capable of emulating several sound devices, including Sound Blaster, AdLib, Roland, Genereal MIDI and Gravis Ultrasound and even the eternal PC Speakers (which don’t require setting up). For Sound Blaster setup, see below.

Default Sound Blaster Settings:

Port: 220
IRQ: 7
DMA: 1