Poseidon: Master of Atlantis

Set in the mythical lands of Atlantis, Poseidon: Master of Atlantis offers 45 new scenarios spread over six challenging campaigns. Your city grows from its lowly beginnings as a small farming city to the capital of a mighty maritime empire with interests and colonies from Central America to Greece. Smaller, sandbox style adventures allow you to tinker with city design unhindered by campaign goals, or to experience the destruction of Atlantis at the hands (and thunderbolts) of an angry pantheon.

10_1Poseidon also offers many new buildings. While the replacement of Zeus’ podiums, theatres, and gymnasiums with observatories, laboratories, and libraries won’t alter your city design strategies much (though they do look nice), other changes are more significant. Hippodromes provide an income and prestige boost, if you can find enough room for their huge tracks. Pyramids, which contain Egyptian, Mayan, and Greek design elements, are both attractive and powerful. Completing the Pyramid of the Pantheon, for example, ensures that no wrathful deities will attack your vulnerable home.

Though none of Poseidon’s new features changes Zeus’ core gameplay in any meaningful way, there is an awful lot of new content here. On one level, Poseidon is merely more of the same, but if you’ve enjoyed the original then chances are you will find some amusement here as well.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Win98

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