Might and Magic Trilogy

This trilogy pack includes Might and Magic III, IV and V, all released during the early 1990s well before the resurgence of the Might and Magic series with game number VI. As a bonus it also contains the fan-made Swords of Xeen adventure (identical to previous games, except it contains a new story and high level characters). You can run any of these games on either DosBox or any vintage system with DOS.

You command a party of six adventurers which you can create on your own. Character creation is a simple affair but you can spend a long time trying to get those roles just right. There’s the typical balance common throughout dungeon crawlers such as Might and Magic – spellcasters, warriors, clerics and thieves. I found that fighting types who can cast spells such as paladins are a real advantage instead of barbarians or knights. Pick at least one sorcerer, one cleric and one thief.

12Combat is turn-based with an interface used to attack, change equipment, use special objects, cast spells or run away. There is a vast amount of special armor items, weapons, artifacts and various quest objects. You will come across many side quests which are recorded in your journal, and which reward you with gold and experience should you solve them. None of the monsters are sized to your XP level, so you must slowly build up your characters in order to explore some of the more dangerous places within Might and Magic.

A quick note to players who have experience with only later M&M titles – while these older games do contain plenty of action, puzzles are more pronounced as well, consisting of secret doors and levers to riddles and even anagrams. Boy were they a pain to solve when you had no online walkthroughs to look up! So yeah, retro Might and Magic isn’t quite as easy as the later 6-7-8 trilogy. It requires some easing in until you can handle the old 320×240 interface and game mechanics. But once that’s taken care of, it really does offer the quintessential Might and Magic experience.

System Requirements: 80486/33 Mhz, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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