Rising Sun

9One of the most annoying things about TalonSoft’s Rising Sun is that it will change your Windows color scheme during the startup of the game to a murky green/yellow used to display the game’s interface – but fail to change it back after exiting. If your appreciation for old school wargames is enough to look past this blunder, then please go ahead and install it. As you would expect, Rising Sun provides a look at the Pacific theater of war during the Second World War, with a special focus on land-based warfare.

TalonSoft has improved the game engine somewhat, adding night rules and banzai charges. Amphibious assaults and troop landings are the primary naval focuses of the game—don’t expect to fight naval engagements here (aircraft modeling is still abstracted and secondary to the land fight). Still, while playing you really get the feeling of fighting in the jungle (or whatever terrain your troops are engaged in).

The game’s interface generally works well. It does, though, take a bit getting used to if you aren’t familiar with the series’ conventions. Shortcut keys, thankfully, abound, but you may find yourself expecting to move and end up getting an error message about firing until you become familiar with how things work. Clicking on a unit brings up all the needed statistics of its action points, strength, assault value, and so on. Oddly enough, when starting a new game or generating a random battle, you have to use a clunky system of clicking on arrows, rather than just selecting your options with mouse. Documentation, though, is top notch. Several tutorials are included which help to make this a good introduction to the genre for new players.

System Requirements: Pentium 133 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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