Moto Racer

14_1The obvious inspiration for Moto Racer is Sega’s arcade game Manx TT. From the tracks to the planes that seem to fly overhead at the most graphically appealing moments, it has everything an arcade racer should have. The one main improvement with Moto Racer is that it supports Direct 3D. Unfortunately, there’s still a lack of depth, with only eight tracks (all of them reversible) to race on and unrealistic arcade physics. The main strategy is looking at the track and figuring out whether you need a bike that accelerates quickly, has a lot of grip or has a higher top-speed.

However, all is forgiven on the snow and dirt tracks. Here you get a thoroughly entertaining tail-out physics model that feels “right,” no matter how “wrong” it may be. If you’re ever looking to induce vomiting, try switching to first-person mode and racing on one of the dirt tracks. Go up, and down. Up, and down. Up, and down….

Playing Moto Racer on a machine in Direct 3D is the only way to go, though on even 128 MB video cards there’s still a fairly sizable draw-in problem. Overall, Moto Racer is another of those “must-have” games that was popular in the early days of 3D accelerated gaming. It’s pretty shallow, but also quite entertaining.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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