Moto Racer 2

Moto Racer 2 is a fast and furious superbike arcade racer. At its time, it had some of the best graphics around for a bike game. Like the original Moto Racer, MR2 puts you in powerful dirt bikes or superbikes and puts you in appropriate circuits. Racing modes range crom practice, single racers, time attack races and championships. You can set weather, time of day, number of laps and field size in the non-championship racing modes.

4Tweaking isn’t extremely detailed, but you do have a choice of several bike configurations to suit various track layouts. You can tweak such things as brakes, grip, acceleration, and top speed. For an arcade racer, it’s fairly important to be familiar with these setups or you’re performance will be severely downgraded. The one challenging aspect in Moto Racer 2 is keeping up the high speed within the narrow tracks and off the (invisible) boundaries. Make contact with a track boundary, and you’ll either simply slow down or smash your bike.

It’s hard not to emphasize how fast this game is. Superbike racing, especially in arcade mode, is wickedly quick, with just a hint of real-life subtlety and lots of breakneck racing, while simulation mode offers more realistic cornering. But collision detection is still hit and miss (again, invisible boundaries), the AI feels very robotic and the weather is just eye candy (it has no noticeable effect on tire grip). Plus the tracks are too narrow for the super fast bikes, and while speed isn’t usually a problem for a racing game, one can’t help but feel there’s a tad too much here.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Win95

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