Mortal Coil

1_1You can gracefully chuck Mortal Coil into the heap of forgotten 90s shooters. It’s a first-person sci-fi game with an odd team-based element that’s more gimmick than anything. You can give waypoints and command fellow team-mates around, but mostly they just tag along and frequently get in your way when you’re trying to shoot. Squad mates take quick shots at enemies too, but often just stand back and let you do the heavy lifting.

What you do in Mortal Coil, essentially, is trot around various levels and shoot non-human enemies with a collection of small and heavy firearms – pistols, uzis, bombs, etc. Simple touches like limited ammo and magazine count give the game some element of realism, but make no mistake – it’s hardly more complex than Wolf3D, and it barely looks as good. The environments have an awful tendency to become grainy and impossible to decipher when walking around dark places. Enemies look pixelated and weird, but they are fun to blow apart with the various weapons; for the first few times, at least. Several minutes in and you see little point in continuing the matter, as the sludgy movements, bad AI, annoying characters and lame action make this one quite a profuse stinker.

System Requirements: 80486/33 MHz, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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