Arcade tank combat from da ‘hood.

6It’s New York in 1997 and all hell’s broken loose. You are a member of “Da Wardenz” peace-keeping force. You have a tank and you’re going to use it, as you drive around towns blowing things up over the course of 25 missions. You shoot enemies and buildings. You find power-ups after blowing things up. Mostly, you just shoot stuff while avoiding being shot. Complete a mission and you get money to upgrade the armor and weapons and your tank. In between missions you can talk to your fellow Wardenz.

Essentially you drive a tank which handles like a guy running around with a shotgun, while dodging other tanks firing projectiles which you can dodge with your nimble tank. You go through somewhat monochromatic environments that aren’t particularly interesting looking, and watch lots of really cool explosions. Yeah, it’s tank Doom.

It’s also 3D, but not really good 3D. It’s rather dull, unoriginal and unexciting, but if you haven’t tried the other one thousand of these 3D shooter clones then it could possibly be worth looking up. You could do much better, however.

System Requirements: 80486DX 33 MHz CPU, 8 MB RAM, DOS 5.0

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