Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing

8If you enjoy two very specific things – Mercedes trucks and racing – then you’re probably going to enjoy this low key but surprisingly digestible game. It features real truck racing teams and drivers, realistic damage, a replay editor, and an optional unlimited speed mode which scratches the top speed you usually get with these trucks. It would be great if it featured more trucks and tracks to race on. But since this is officially licensed by Mercedes it’s not surprising there are no competitor’s trucks around.

Mercedes Truck Racing takes the middle road when it comes to realism. You can completely ignore race setups, but tinkering them will lead to a small advantage nonetheless. If you’re not interested in doing so, you can just reduce the driving difficulty to make things easier. You can likewise tinker with a bunch of options that change things like race length, damage realism or speed limits, and you can play it on a racing wheel or with the keyboard.

So how does the game work as a racer? It reminds me somewhat of Monster Truck Racing, except these trucks are a lot heavier and hence harder to brake and corner. They’re unrealistically efficient when it comes to acceleration, and good thing too (otherwise it would feel like a turtle race). Instead properly accelerating and careful braking is the way to go here, as the trucks here control a bit like rally cars in the way that they powerslide around corners.

When the racer AI is beefed up, your opponents will put up quite a fight. Sometimes it’s best to let two drivers battle it out without joining the fight as usually one will make a mistake and sometimes both will end off track. Taking damage to your truck is a real danger, but AI trucks suffer the same gauntlet of flat tires and destroyed engines. The way they have handled the racing is certainly unusual, but it’s probably because of that aspect that the game remains interesting.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Win95

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