Big Red Racing

The freak show of early 3D racing.

Snap40Big Red Racing, an arcade game, features 24 tracks in seven environments, including tracks on Mars and Venus, and 16 unusual vehicles at your disposal. You’ll have the chance to get behind the wheel of everything from monster trucks and big rigs to bayou boats and high-tech spacecraft. As you might expect, the racing action isn’t the pseudo-sim style of Screamer or Whiplash. Instead, Big Red uses a very simple behind-the-car view for the bulk of its gameplay (there’s an in-car view as well).

It’s about as fun as the primitive 3D permits, but it does have its highlights, especially when you first take a monster truck out for a spin over bumpy terrain, bouncing and crashing through a crowded field of drivers. The main problem with Big Red Racing is the action, which is a little bit too simplistic to last. But if you think arcade driving is the greatest thing to hit the PC since Doom, then you’ll probably won’t mind.

System Requirements: 486DX/66, 8MB RAM, 42MB HDD, DOS

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