Total Immersion Racing

Total Immersion Racing is as bland as its name. This GT racing game boasts a good selection of showroom-shiny cars and famous tracks, but it lacks options, features controls that border on the unresponsive, and is also lacking a personality.

3Aside from the right-hand drive denoting the GT circuit’s British origins, this game is as devoid of color as a 1940s movie. The expected staple of official tracks and racing big shots are present, representing impressive names like Silverstone, Audi, and Bentley, although much is locked out at the beginning of play. Game modes feature the usual single race, career, and time trial options, along with the more intriguing challenge feature where you race certain models to unlock cars and tracks. Multiplayer is absent save for a pitiful split-screen mode.

The physics are unremarkable. They lean toward ease of use, as spinning out is impossible no matter how recklessly you corner. The damage model is charitable even with violent collisions, but it isn’t as flexible as those in an arcade racer. Opposing drivers are supposed to have emotions that affect their skills and cause them to bear grudges over aggressive moves, though we saw no evidence of this during races.

Steering is both unresponsive and overly sensitive, requiring you to alternate between white-thumb pressure and feather-light taps on the gamepad. Razorworks tried to walk the line between rigorous simulation and twitch racer and came up with a middle of the road snoozefest.

System Requirements: Pentium III 400 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 64 MB Video, Win98

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