Lure of the Temptress

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The story behind Revolution’s Lure of the Temptress follows the simple ‘save the world from evil’ mentality – an army of ugly Skorl warriors take over the village of Turnvale, and your character gets captured and left to die in a filthy dungeon. It’s up to you to escape and find a way to drive the enemy army and the sorceress behind the invasion out.

Unlike the story, there are some very cool innovations within Lure of the Temptress. The introductory part of the game is fairly linear, but once you escape the dungeon and enter Turnvale it all becomes quite interesting. There are characters walking about the streets, minding their own business, entering shops and chatting up among themselves. It’s one of those few moments in a point and click adventure where you actually feel like you’re part of a larger world.

In another twist, you don’t play entirely alone. You’ll be able to have a few NPC companions tag along – granted, not that many – and the game allows you, in an impressive touch, to issue them specific orderes. Sometimes you can combine actions within a particular sequence, like ‘do this, then do that, and finally do that as well’. Lost in town? Just ask your sidekick to lead you to a particular area, and follow him there. It’s an impressive touch, though most puzzles aren’t usually so complex, and won’t require you to chain together a long string of actions for your NPC. Many are traditional item based puzzles, or involve you using an object on the environment or finding out information from other characters.

It’s not an entirely smooth ride. Unlike Monkey Island, sometimes Lure of the Temptress will lure you into a dead end that requires a restart. But in all this game, while damn short and skimpy on the sound department, does have its simple point and click adventure charms.

System Requirements: 8088 / 8086, 640 KB RAM, DOS

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