Myst has become something of a phenomenon in the 90s. Some loved it, others hated it, but it set the groundwork for future adventure games by simply being so damn successful. It created its own subcategory – the Myst clone – where you would walk around in slideshow-view motions through barren environments, manipulating strange devices and gradually piecing together the obscure backstory that lead to your isolated predicament.

6Then there was the obscure stinker called PYST. It’s sort of a game, but it’s really poking fun at itself. If we’re to believe the premise, it’s what happens when you let loose an army of adventurers on a tiny Myst-like island, pulling levers, pressing buttons, looking for clues and trying to figure out how this and that mechanical puzzle works. The aftermath of this process looks like spring break after everyone has left. It’s a pretty funny idea, I must say. However, the final product leaves a lot to be desired.

Parroty claims that everyone that plays PYST will win, and that would be true, except for the fact that there is no game here to play. What you have is a series of interactive postcards showing PYST Island in it’s current state of disarray, with sound bites and hotspots that you may click on and see a small animation, poster, or other silly bits. There is a narrative that you can click on in each of the segments to hear your tour guides give you the run down of the area you’re currently visiting. Some of these interactive pieces are interesting, but not really funny. Not even John Goodman playing ruler of this crazy island is enough to save PYST, however. It’s neither a game, nor a particularly funny a joke.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Win95

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