LEGO Stunt Rally

LEGO Stunt Rally
Platforms: PC
Publisher: LEGO Media International
Developer: Intelligent Games Ltd
Genres: Racing / Arcade Racing
Release Date: 2001
Game Modes: Singleplayer / Multiplayer

Lego Stunt Rally, a kid-oriented racing / stunt game licensed around everyone’s favorite brand of construction blocks, is set on an island comprising of four worlds: Ice World, City World, Jungle World and Desert World, each with their own unique characteristics, obstacles, and boss racers. The purpose of the game is to select and customize your own Lego stunt racer.

3You’ll have the chance to choose from the 4×4 “Mud Monster” or “Ice Monster,” the speedy “Boost Buggy,” the nifty little “Rocket Kart,” the swift “F1 Speedster” or the classic “Dragster.” Then burn rubber around the wacky track circuits, defeating the competition, and winning a chance to race against the reigning champions of each world. There’s stuff to do even after you’ve completed all the worlds and defeated all the bosses. You can design and create your own wacky tracks for you and your friends to race on. Load your custom courses up with dare devil hoops, dangerous ramps, fan-assisted jumps, and other crazy traps and obstacles in Lego Stunt Rally.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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