Keep the Balance

snap1276Keep the Balance! is a puzzle game requiring basic math skills. The object of the game is launch objects, passing below on a conveyor, onto the scales, so that the circus monkey on top of the scale can keep its balance and not fall on either side. All locations have unique sets of objects with weights that are designated by a number under them. As the objects appear from both sides of the screen at the same time, you move the cursor below an object and press a key to launch it. At the top of each scale, the current weight is shown. If there is a big gap in weight, the monkey will slowly slide to the heaviest side.

For advanced strategies, you can combine or manipulate certain items. Guillotines can cut objects and trampolines bounce them back. Extra bonus points can be acquired by throwing food towards animals, or by making animals do tricks (e.g. throwing a squirrel through a hoop of fire, or caging it). Almost all objects are animated and you have to take into account that certain animals do not get along when positioned next to each other.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Win98

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