Alien Virus

The premise behind Alien Virus had some potential. Your character journeys to a lonely outpost deep in space on a routine cargo mission. Upon arrival, instead of finding the usual complement of station crew, the outpost seems strangely deserted. What little information you can get out of the station robot leads you to believe that something very deadly is inhabiting place, stalking the few remaining survivors — and that it’ll soon begin stalking you.

15The race to find survivors and avoid an unseen enemy should be enough to carry the adventure, but once you start investigating the station you’ll find the game never really makes use of the eerie plot. Instead, Alien Virus presents you with some of the lamest puzzles I’ve seen. While I expected a few of the usual find-the-key-to-open-the-door puzzles, I didn’t expect to spend nearly two-thirds of the game searching for ways to open doors.

To make matters worse, you never get the feeling you’re making any headway, or gaining any useful information about the alien or surviving crewmates as you’re exploring the station. You’re just there, opening doors and picking up items.

Then there’s the complete lack of atmosphere. The game screens are all static SVGA — reasonably attractive, but without animations to give a little visual break or even a reference point, these scenes quickly begin to look the same. This point becomes painfully obvious as you explore more of the station and find yourself covering the same ground. As much as it tries, Alien Virus is just to dull and lifeless to really impress.

System Requirements: 80486 33 MHz CPU, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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