The Incredible Machine

If you’ve never heard of a Rube Goldberg device, then you should probably look it up now. The Incredible Machine is all about building deliberately complex contraptions that produce, at the end of their hilarious sequence, a very simple actions. Think stuff like turning on a lightsqitch or popping a baloon. We’ve seen these sort of complex doohickeys in cartoons, where a network of pullies, trap doors, weights and counter-weights all worked together for some mischievous comical effect.

6The game itself consists of a series of puzzles, each having a simple objective, such as “put the baseball into the basket” or “turn on the fan”. To achieve this, the player is given a number of parts such as: balls, girders, rope, balloons, seesaws, cats or monkeys, and his job is to arrange and connect them on the playfield, so that, upon clicking the “start puzzle” button, the whole contraption activates and achieves the objective. For added difficulty, some puzzles have different gravity or air pressure from that of Earth.

There is also a freeform mode where the player is given an unlimited number of parts to construct a machine of his own invention. The machines created this way can be saved to disk.

System Requirements: 80386 CPU, 512 KB RAM, DOS 3.0

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