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Get Medieval is actually an update of Atari’s supremely addictive four-player, top-view coin-op Gauntlet. But while the name has been changed and the graphics updated, Get Medieval is still pretty much Gauntlet, with the same charms and limitations of that old arcade game.

15Get Medieval lets you and up to three other players explore a dungeon that’s bursting at the seams with monsters of all shapes and sizes — everything from puny bats and spiders to orcs, wraiths, ogres, trolls, and more. Just as in Gauntlet, you play as one of four characters — in this case, Eryc the Archer, Kellina the Avenger, Levina the Sorceress, and Zared the Barbarian — that are rated in three categories: weapon speed, weapon strength, and walk speed, balancing various strengths and weaknesses.

Naturally, monsters aren’t all you’ll find in the dungeons. Besides the countless piles of gold left lying around, there are all sorts of power-ups to boost your health, give you the power to cast magical spells, and increase your offensive and defensive strength; unfortunately, the power-ups are vulnerable to your weapons, so if you’re not careful you can wipe out a much-needed bonus.

So what does Get Medieval do that Gauntlet didn’t? Aside from much better graphics, the answer is not very much. The most noticeable change is that the characters chatter as they run around the dungeons, and each has a distinct personality. The other big improvement is a complete array of multiplayer modes, including support for modem, serial link, or LAN.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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