A classic returns. Twice.

Stargunner is actually a remake of an even older Apogee classic. This is a straightforward side-scrolling space shooter that does just exactly what it should. Remember games like Gradius, Life Force and R-Type? Stargunner is the game for you if you do. Nice graphics, levels and a vast power-up system plus good controls make this a great PC arcade shooter.

Snap80Alien blasting is the objective and there are four distinct worlds to plow through (and even secrets to find while you are there), around 75 different enemies and even some cut scenes. The battles range from deep space to planet-side melees and even under the sea (a nod towards Into the Hunt), and the game is intensely difficult and fun. The power-ups are gained either by getting weapon icons during battle or collecting credits during the game in order to purchase new items (such as better engines, weapons and even revolving drones that will shield and fight for you).

Stargunner is a DOS title and only support resolutions up to 320×240, but still manages to look decent. The game has no multiplayer options, which is rather disappointing. Also, a flaw with every game of this type is the tendency to become redundant; the levels are basically the same every time, but this is not likely to disturb lovers of the genre..

System Requirements: 80486 CPU, 8 MB RAM, DOS 5.0

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