Gadget Tycoon

9_1Gadget Tycoon is a business simulator / tycoon game where you lead and develop a corporation responsible for creating futuristic devices. Over time, you’ll hire and fire employees representing 11 professions, including lawyer, sales manager, and production supervisor. All employees (you can have a maximum of 17) are rated for morale, efficiency, level of qualification, and salary. The three products you produce are space-age latrines, jet-propelled rollerblades, and robot domestics. These items have more than 30 customizable components… like toilets with built-in television.

The real fun is the pleasing variety of corporate “dirty tricks†maneuvers. You can hire a spy to steal research, sabotage competitors’ production lines, or peek at an enemy’s marketing data. And if that’s not enough, your accountant can create a slush fund for building a Mafioso office in your backyard. Once hired, your “Don†can intimidate a variety of your competitors’ departments, reducing productivity and morale.

I’m also pleased by the ability to tailor the seven AI types — including my favorite, the sleazy discounter, who’ll try to lowball everyone else out of business. There’s also an eighth AI that will shift strategies to suit its opportunities. Gadget’s in-game tutorial covers the basics well, and should help novices be up to speed in no time. Unfortunately, you can’t change the speed of the simulation. Lastly, you can’t examine financial data when the game is paused, which is quite an annoyance.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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