Car Tycoon

Car Tycoon is Fishtank’s piece of the tycoon land-grab. You’re the head of a corporation manufacturing cars, and the only reporting tool is a sales graph that shows how you’re doing on an annual basis. You have no way of telling who is buying what you sell, or why. Gas prices jump around without reason, yet you’re supposed to use them as guidelines to determine when to design more fuel-efficient cars.

This is the gameplay of Car Tycoon. I can sum up the skimpy game design by telling you that there’s only one color for all your cars (blue), despite any tweaking you do to the four components of new car design. Since you have a Research Department, you’d think they’d be able to study the concepts of red, green, and yellow.

4_1Car Tycoon is also one of those micro-management games that runs only in real time. This means that even when you’re looking at informational graphs about your company, time’s moving in the game, and quickly, too. (There are two speeds, by our reckoning: fast and very fast.) You can pause time, but when you do, you can’t scroll, enter commands, or open and close windows. Computer-controlled competitors see everything and enter commands in a split-second — I have to wonder if the AI is so sloppy that it needed every advantage it could get.

Speaking of bugs, I ran Car Tycoon on several machines of differing vintage. Every time, the game exited and displayed a message about corrupted dynamic link libraries. On one machine, simply loading the game caused a computer reboot. So don’t expect to be able to run this game even after successfully installing it.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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