Crusader: No Regret

Even with some stiff competition from mainstream 3D shooters, Origin’s follow-up to No Remorse – Crusader: No Regret – gives new meaning to the old adage “a moving target is hard one to hit”, by completely sidestepping the first-person barrage with its isometric perspective and story-driven violence.

Snap59_1Set in a near future where an evil economic consortium controls the lives and day-to-day activities of the world’s population, Crusader 2 is the story of a lone, unnamed silencer – a defector from a select group of the consortium’s highly trained killers – as he tries to put an end to the stranglehold on the populace and escape to freedom. Crusader 2’s story picks up shortly after the apparent victory of the first game, with the silencer found adrift and unconscious in a lifepod just. He is picked up by what turns out to be a consortium ship. A predictable bloodbath ensues.

With approximately the same depth and variety as the original, and approximately the same number of weapons and controls and options present, some might wonder what exactly makes this semi-sequel different, or even worth the installation time. But from the explosive opening animation to the first level of gameplay, it’s easy to see that the high-energy action of No Remorse has been sharpened to a razor’s edge in Crusader: No Regret where you’re treated to level after level of tense action, with nary a break in the bloodshed to let you catch your breath..

Newcomers to this game system may do well to pick up the original first, since No Regret is tougher than the first installment. Fortunately, getting knee-deep in the dead won’t be as hard to do this time around because Crusader 2 enjoys both gamepad and joystick support.

Snap40_1There are some negatives to the game, including the not-so-streamlined movement controls. It would be nice if the Silencer were slightly more granular in movement as well – he’s still hanging off ledges which don’t exist sometimes, or having trouble getting just the right angle to shoot out that security monitor. Make no mistake, though; No Regret is an amazingly good game, and – once again – leaves the player wanting even more. If only the Silencer had a longer, more glorious series of sequels ahead of him.

System Requirements: 486DX2/66, 8MB RAM, DOS

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