Don’t confuse this with the semi-arcade 3D flight sim that bears a similar name (Jet Fighter). JetStrike is in fact a much older side-scrolling arcade shooter. Or at least it’s half arcade. You get an odd infusion of realism to contend with here, so don’t expect the endless barrage of enemies getting thrown your way in the typical style of Tyrian. You get objectives in JetStrike, and have to consider things like fuel, airspeed, altitude or ammunition.

You have a healthy choice of aircraft and a large portion of missions to go through (plus training assignments), with objectives like bombing a certain base or dropping an agent behind enemy lines. On the side you have Aerolympic events, which are essentially stunt shows. Unlike most arcade games, the trick to success isn’t about killing a huge number of foes in JetStrike, but pin-point flying precision as you accomplish objectives.

You only get one life per mission, which doesn’t make things easy. The controls take some time to getting used to as well, and the visible area never seems to be enough for your fast-flying jet. The missions aren’t annoyingly long, however, and the game does have some cool ideas.

System Requirements: Pentium 133 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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