5_1Whiplash (or “Fatal Racing” in Europe) offers you eight different cars and a total of sixteen tracks to test your racer’s edge, but the big difference between Whiplash and its rivals is in the tracks’ design. Instead of the (relatively) safe and sane courses you’ll find in Need for Speed, the tracks in Whiplash are filled with loops and ramps that hurl you into the sky or send you into a mid-air barrel roll, and corkscrews that challenge you to keep your tires on the road.

These tracks are surprisingly fun. They deliver a convincing edge-of-your-seat feeling; it’s like being inside the tiny car on one of those crazy Hot Wheels tracks you played with as a kid. But jumps and loops aren’t the only things you’ll have to watch out for. Crash into a wall, or get “nudged” too hard by another car, and your own vehicle won’t run quite as fast. Take enough damage, and you’ll go up in a ball of flame.

You can damage other cars, too — ram them when they’re smoking, and you’re likely to take ‘em out of the race. This can make a big difference in your strategy — do you keep going and hope to keep your position, or stop by the pits for a precious few seconds to repair damage and gain the speed you’ll need to pass the opposition? Of course, if your car gets destroyed, it’s not the end of the race — true to arcade form, you’ve got three cars to trash before you’re tossed out of the race.

Naturally, this kind of competition is even more fun with your buddies, and Whiplash supports network play with as many as 16 gamers. Any spots not filled by other players are computer controlled, so you’ll always have a full cast.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 Mhz, 16 MB RAM, DOS

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