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The ‘stand your ground in the face of endless swarms of enemies’ school of game design has been around long before CoD Zombies. Way back it was Robotron 2084 on the Williams arcade, but a more modern remake comes from Finish developer 10tons Entertainment’s Crimsonland. Here too a top-down view is used, controlling a character that must battle through endless swarms of alien adversaries in the game’s insanely addictive ‘Survival Mode’. You can’t win per se, but kill enough of the bad guys and you rake up higher scores – a surprisingly effective motivator,

It even has a lot of depth despite the simple concept, courtesy of 15 slaughter-friendly ungradeable weapons and tons of clever perks that you get when leveling up, as well as vital power-ups that randomly drop near splattered foes. The perks you receive (40 in all) are also random, and all of them are highly creative – one lets you blow up when hitting zero hitpoints, ensuring you take some of the aliens with you. Another provides steady regeneration, faster reloads or extra ammunition.

Three game modes are included, though the aforementioned ‘Survival’ is by far the most entertaining. Overall, action fan junkies will find plenty of fun blasting through Crimsonland.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 Mhz, 32 MB RAM, Windows 98

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