Great Naval Battles: Fury in the Pacific

Snap8The Pacific Theater, 1941-44.

World War II naval combat sims are quite a rarity, so it’s always nice to see when a developer got it right. First SSI released Great Naval Battles of the North Atlantic (1992), an ambitious though flawed product that marked SSI’s first attempt to combine historical realism with sophisticated visuals (rather than the more spartan hex-grids and unit symbols). Three years and several reworkings later, that engine has reached its full potential with Fury in the Pacific.

The refinements incorporated in this game include: a customizer program that lets you tinker with just about everything; submarine operations; expanded variety of ships and planes; a random battle generator that should ensure virtually limitless replay value; and a powerful scenario editor that lets you create either single engagements or huge campaigns. All the classic Pacific engagements are here, from Midway to Leyte Gulf.

These battles are vast, intricate ballets of steel that develop deliberately, massively, into climaxes of intense action. Thanks to SSI’s splendid interface, you can quickly jump from task-force command level to the lookout post on any ship, where you can actually watch battles, with smoke and thunderous explosions.

System Requirements: 80486DX 33 MHz CPU, 4 MB RAM, Win 3.1

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