Ultimate Football ’95

Ultimate Football is a little-known series of American football games that found its way on the PC. While there’s nothing new in terms of graphics and gameplay in Ultimate Football ’95, it’s got a few extras that help close the between first and second place (it’s main competitor was Sierra’s Font Page Sports Football).


Not very 3D, but close enough.

Along with the new teams – the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Carolina Panthers – the sound effects are much improved over previous versions, as are the weather effects. Throw an excellent career mode and multiplayer and you’ve got a superior football game. Plus it isn’t the hardest sports game of its kind. Within a couple of minutes after installation, you’ll be coaching or taking the snap in the first game of your NFL season. No files to create, no players to import, no teams to name. You just start playing.

The play unfold in a fluid manner, all things considered. The graphics aren’t the sharpest of their kind for this period, but they’re workable. More importantly, from a fair catch to a quarterback sack, the action feels right. The arcade mode works well, and the abundant camera angles give you plenty of perspectives, including a nice overhead view that lets you quickly find your downfield receivers.

Ultimate Football 95 is a good football sim for its time, able to offer playability long after the season is over.

System Requirements: 80386 CPU, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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