Ford Racing OffRoad

As you might expect, this game takes the Ford Racing series off the road, and into the desert, forest, and ice. Features 12 tracks, (plus reverse versions of all tracks) and 18 Ford and Land Rover vehicles. You get all of the standard options – quick race, arcade race, tournaments and career mode. Being a budget release, it doesn’t include a manual and you have to figure out most of the options yourself, though this isn’t that hard with the game being an arcade racer and all. Career mode is

3_1The Arcade mode allows for the fun and excitement of being able to race a course backwards. You can unlock several types of races, but these come well into the Career mode, a move which I wish racing games would start doing. This ties in directly with our last mode, the Multiplayer. The multiplayer allows for a split screen, two player game. You have a ton of games you can unlock in the Arcade and sit and enjoy all by yourself. The Multiplayer Mode only offers you three different games.

The career and tournament modes are pretty similar, handing you money and letting you buy cars and upgrade while winning harder races – all standard vanilla stuff. The driving physics in all of these modes is simplistic and uninteresting, and also not a whole lot of fun if you’re into simple arcade experience.

System Requirements: Pentium IV 1.5 GHz, 256 MB RAM, WinXP

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